With a couple of little edits, we are still here and fully operational. With safety at the forefront of everyones mind; we’ve adapted the way we work, to ensure that we can still deliver your stories. Both the safety of our staff and clients comes first and so we have outlined below the changes that we’ve made so that we can still work during this period.

Your Response to COVID-19

Putting your customers and staff at ease by outlining your COVID-19 response, in a clear and concise video, can help make the transition back to business that little bit easier.  Here’s an example of a video we recently recreated for Dandara, a property developer.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help create you a COVID-19 response video, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.​

Our Response to COVID-19: Pre-production

Pre-production is undoubtably the most important process when creating a story, so we are still offering this service in full. However until restrictions relax, this will be predominately via the following methods; phone calls, video calls and e-mails. Site visits can still go ahead, but only if they meet our COVID-19 Risk Assessment requirements.

From here we can build on ideas, work on scripting, visuals and get our scheduling in place. Working documents can be created in either One Drive or Google docs, so we can easily collaborate on the story.


The idea of working with a film crew can seem unsafe at the moment and we understand that. This is why we have made changes to our onsite working practices, so that we can still offer our full range of filming services. Outlined below is how we, as a company, have adapted these services to stay in line with COVID-19 safety measures.

– We will conduct a COVID-19 RA, to identify safety and heavy traffic areas
– We will be using small fixed team crews, to avoid any unnecessary mixing
– All crew members will be provided with PPE and hand sanitiser, whilst washing their hands frequently
– No one other than the film team will be allowed to handle the equipment. Both during the filming and whilst loading/unloading
– Our filming equipment will be wiped down and disinfected between every job.
– Boom microphones will be used over lapel microphones, removing any need to put microphones on anyone
– We will limit the number of people allowed on set at any given time

Post Production

Our post production and animation services are business as usual. This has always involved minimal contact and theres no need to change that now. All reviews shall be conducted by either; e-mail, phone, video call or through our Vimeo review feature.

If having a film team onsite is a concern to you, there are still plenty of alternatives to creating great content.

Please don’t forget to consider the following:

– Send us footage/photos from your phone and we can edit it together
– Repurpose any footage that we have already shot for you
– Full animation pieces over filmed pieces, with text/motion graphics
– Stock footage from our own or online archives

Have a project we could help with?