People often ask “so, what do you film” our answer is generally “everything”.

Not only do we love the diversity of filming in lots of different industries and styles, but it also means we’ve amassed a range of equipment that allows us to take on almost any project.

We were asked to create a timelapse showing the installation of three major pieces of science equipment, supplied by Shimadzu.  We always try and think creatively, no matter what the project is, so we decided to introduce movement using our motorised slider.  The motor moves the camera a fraction to the left after each image is taken, we then stitch the images together in post-production to create a nice smooth shot.

#timelapse video for Shimadzu today 📷 using our motorised slider from @promediagear with our #canon5d and our #C200 set to interval recording 🎥 we’ve got a sneaky @gopro rolling too 😊 . . . #mondaymood #mondaymotivation #cameras #film #video #photography #slider #cameragear #kit #videoproduction #cinematography #viedeomaker #devotedfilmscorporate #science #excellenceinscience #filmmaker #editing

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We also filmed this project on our Canon C200, using a combination of 4k interval recording and 100 fps slow motion.  This provides us with a range of different options for the edit.

Our final shot was filmed on a discrete little GoPro, ensuring we had a nice wide shot of the entire room from start to finish.

Once the video is finished and online we will update this blog post with a link.

If you have any video requirements you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Devoted Films.

*UPDATE* – you can now view the final video below