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We’re a team of passionate videographers in Hampshire...

…who enjoy the process of aerial filming and photography. It allows us to rise beyond the typical heights of photography and videography to provide aerial shots that look magnificent. With the assistance of our drones, we’re confident in what we do, and we would be more than happy to support you in capturing the perfect aerial footage.


Everything from our planning and scripting, to our filming and editing is completed by our in-house team – this means you’ll work with us from start to finish. The main benefit of working with a team entirely in-house is that we’re all in one place to offer you a personal and tailored approach.

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Point-of-view camera

Our drone pilot has a live point-of-view display, which means that when the drone is above us, we can see exactly what the drone sees, and is therefore capturing. We encourage you to take a look at our POV camera, so that you can be confident in what we’re capturing.

Licensed and insured drone pilots

We’re fully licensed and insured to operate our drones, and we always operate our drones in a safe manner; whilst respecting our surroundings both in the air and on the ground.

Smooth footage

Our aerial footage is always silky smooth. All our drones have a 3 axis gimbal system that keeps the camera perfectly steady. When the shoot also requires filming on the ground we often use our handheld Movi Pro gimbal, this allows us to match the flowing aerial footage perfectly.

Our drones are a part of the Devoted Films team

We simply couldn’t work without them. Using drone footage/photography offers a new perspective and adds a cinematic edge to our videos.

Our range of small unmanned aircrafts are built with the latest GPS technology. They’re each equipped with a stabilised camera gimbal, which is responsible for allowing us to capture our smooth, cinematic 4K footage.

We’re devoted to films, but we’re mostly committed to delivering compelling videography that goes beyond limits. Our high-quality, cost-effective and cinematic videos are a faultless way to capture unique footage from the best angles and heights, and to embrace the authentic character of any scene.

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Find out more about our drone videography services

We love filming, and drones add a whole new perspective and opportunity for video production. Take a moment to look through our portfolio, we’ve filmed a variety of exciting drone videos across Hampshire and beyond.

When you’re ready please feel free to get in touch with us using the contact information below:

Richard – 07792 928585
Mark – 07824 379716


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